Monday, April 8, 2019 | Interview with Gregory Hayes

Gregory Hayes

"Questions & Answers"

Our editor Yasemin Vargi had an inspirational interview with Brooklyn based artist Gregory Hayes about his art practice and recent exhibition at Nancy Margolis Gallery. [read more]

Brooklyn based artist Gregory Hayes’s (b.1980) paintings immediately capture the viewer’s attention through its meticulous composition, choice of color and organization. Every drip is filled with an array of color that allows paintings to transform themselves into an optical delight. In addition to painting, Hayes often channels his creativity through poetry. For him, painting and poetry are complementary and the viewer can feel that profound connection. The artist’s mathematically- inspired grids create a unique visual language that not only soothe the eye but also the soul. We had an inspiring chat with Gregory about his art practice and his recent exhibition “From Faded Fragments” at Nancy Margolis Gallery. [read more]

Yasemin Vargi: Most of your drip paintings are carefully organized and have exactness to them, can you talk about this aspect in regards to your work process?

G.H: My current exhibition ‘From Faded Fragments’ on show at the Nancy Margolis Gallery in NYC until April 13, displays paintings from my ‘Color Array’ series that are based off the Archimedean spiral and attain a certain amount of exactness. The paintings are built from dripping sequential quarter inch drips of paint starting from the center of the canvas and working outwards. To guide my path, I hand drawn a graphite grid, and move around the canvas dripping in one cell at a time in a counter clockwise spiral. When you look closely the individual drips in each painting appear as convex swirling jewels, but when looked at from a distance the paintings appear as variations of patterned concentric rectangles. I achieve this by dripping several colors at a time, and adding new colors on top of the previous in the tool I use to distribute the acrylic over the canvas. Because of this method I get color sequences, some planned and some unplanned, that fade in and out as the dotted lines move across the painting... [read more]

Monday, January 28, 2019

Gregory Hayes at Nancy Margolis Gallery, NYC

Gregory Hayes
From faded fragments

Nancy Margolis Gallery
523 West 25th, New York
February 28th - April 13th 2019

Opening Reception:
Thursday February 28th, 6-8

From faded fragments

Following the successive rhythm
of reaching distant dreams
in order to escape the shadows
of reconstructed landscapes
from faded fragments
pieced together with idealized
fortune or demise

This seemingly secure
as a way to define
the endless incline
as a way to deny
the gentle breeze
that kisses and caresses
thinning the cloud
to open the view
to the world behind the minds eye

Stepping past the perpetual promises
of imaginary moments
letting loose the grip
of the painted images and paper tigers

Breathe a breath
with no desires


© 2018 Gregory Hayes

ArteFiera 2019 | Ncontemporary

ArteFiera 2019

February 1st - 4th, Bologna, Italy ️
Pavilion 25 - Booth B66

Ncontemporary will be participating again this year at Artefiera Bologna, presenting works by:

Gregory Hayes
Ruben Brulat
Cristiano Tassinari

Untitled (RYBV), acrylic on canvas, 2016, 60 x 60in | 152 x 152cm

ArteFiera / Bologna / Italy 🇮🇹️ / Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea

ArteFiera / Bologna / Italy
February 1st - 4th, 2019
Pavilion 25, booth A79

Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea presents:

Also: Simone Cametti, Sabrina Casadei, Guglielmo Castelli, Antonello Viola.

  Gregory Hayes, "3rd Amalgamation", acrylic on paper, 2017, 14 x 16in | 35 x 40cm