Monday, December 7, 2015

Ncontemporary "Garage Sale"

DETAIL: Gregory Hayes, Untitled (C), 2015, acrylic on paper, 12 x 12in | 30.5 X 30.5cm
Ncontemporary Garage Sale
12 December
Join us for a pre-holidays afternoon at Ncontemporary project space. We will be showing special editions, works on paper and catalogues from a selection of artists.
Jonny Briggs
Ruben Brulat
Gregory Hayes
Josefina Nelimarkka
Nadir Valente
Daniele Galliano
Patrick Tuttofuoco

We will also be hosting a selection of catalogues and art books from our friends at Automatic Books

Ncontemporary Project Garage
Gate Mews, Sw7