Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Dome

Gregory Hayes was recently featured in a show curated by Vik Muniz, Amani Olu, and Eugenie Tsai in conjunction with ArtBridge. After being selected by the curatorial panel, Hayes was given a special grant based on his excellence, process, and the execution of his artwork.

"I spin preexisting images at various speeds and photograph them. In this process, the colors in the original images visually amalgamate, creating a new spectrum of colors and a new overall pattern. My interest lies in temporarily changing an image visually, without changing its physical properties; the photograph is taken during a temporal shift in visual perception, but returns to its original state. In this moment of visual flux a new image is found. The original representational images are transformed into abstractions."       -Gregory Hayes

More About Temporal Shift:
Gregory Hayes, Concentric Circle #1, 2006, silver gelatin, 7 x 7 inches  

"Recently five photographs of mine were selected to be а part of ArtBridge's "Works in Progress," a large-scale art installation in downtown Brooklyn, New York. I started developing these photographs in 2006 in a class I was taking with Gary Emrich at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. In order to get to the darkroom on campus I had to walk through a ceramics studio. One day I grabbed a small banding wheel and brought it down in to the darkroom. I began spinning photographic paper and projecting images of myself onto it, creating various forms of concentric circles. Living in Brooklyn, I no longer have immediate access..... read all

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gering & López Gallery

New York, NY

Gregory Hayes is now a Preparator at the Gering & López Gallery.